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Why You Need A Japanese Toilet

As y’all know, Everyone Poops*. However, what comes after can make a difference in your daily life.

One of the things the amazing Japanese are known for is improving things to a previously-unknown point of excellence. As I discovered during my Asian honeymoon, one of those things is the humble toilet. I’m talking about Toto bidet products, acknowledged by many to be the best toilets in the world.

A Toilet and Bidet In One

The genius of Toto washlets and bidet toilets is the integration of a toilet and bidet into one fixture. How they work is that, after you do your business, a controllable wand pops out of the toilet and squirts water upwards at your regions, cleaning you up and reducing the need for toilet paper. This not only seems more hygienic, but makes your life easier, more comfortable, and reduces toilet paper friction. Because of this, one of my top priorities upon remodeling my house in 2016 was to install a Toto toilet. Take a look at that beauty:

It cost about $1,600, but was well worth it. It has a heated seat, several bidet settings including water pressure and stream angle, and a blow-dryer. It also opens up when it senses you coming into the bathroom, and automatically flushes and closes up after you’re done.

This thing will improve your life on a daily basis.

The bidet wand

It’s controlled with a remote control:

It’s An Electrical Appliance

Toto washlets are best installed as part of a home remodel, because they are electrical appliances, and therefore require a nearby power outlet.

It’s best to have this done by a qualified electrician, to ensure safety. It seems obvious to me that running an extension cord would not only be unseemly, but also very dangerous.

A Modest Alternative

If you only need the basic bidet feature, you can buy the bidet separately and have a plumber install it over a regular toilet. This will run you about $250 – $400, plus the installation of the power outlet. It will also lack the auto-flush and seat-opening-and-closing features.

Bottom Line

You don’t need a Toto washlet to live. However, it’s a huge, daily quality of life improvement. Once you use one, you won’t want to live without it.

*Title of children’s book by Taro Gomi, Kane/Miller Book Pub; Ill edition (October 1, 2001)

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4 thoughts on “Why You Need A Japanese Toilet

  1. Tim Kim @ Tub of Cash

    Lol this reminds me of the toilet paper episode on “Stuff you should know” that I recently listened to. They talked about toilet paper and bidets. Never really knew, but I guess the US is really the only country where people are so enamored with using toilet paper; and most other places in the world use bidets. It’s a lot more hygienic too, to wash instead of using dry toilet paper. It makes sense. Not sure how I’d feel about water squirting into my bunghole after I’m done doing by business! But most of this apprehension is probably because I just haven’t experienced it before…

    1. The Rich Miser Post author

      Oh man, yeah it’s definitely an “experience”, my house-guests always get a laugh when I show off the Toto! But seriously, I highly recommend it. When I went to Japan, these were everywhere and once I got past the initial awkwardness, I could not live without them and added them to my dream house must-haves. They are super hygienic and comfortable, and really improve your life every day!

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