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Caveman Beer Reviews: Leffe Blond

Note: This is a series I call Caveman Beer Reviews, because I like to drink beer but am a caveman when it comes to beer knowledge. I know only the basics, and do not have a refined palate. I’ll review the beers on price and what they look, smell, and taste like to me.

Beer: Leffe Blond

Bottom Line: A very alcoholic brew with a medium-intensity malt taste combined with a light bitterness and hints of sweetness. Quite good.

Price: About $7.99 for a 6-pack of 12 ounce bottles.

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5


Like Jamaica, Belgium is a small country with outsize name recognition. Just think of the Muscles from Brussels (Jean-Claude Van Damme) and his amazing body of work: Universal Soldier, Double Impact, Kickboxer, Timecop, and others. And who can split like Van Damme?

Credit: Giphy

So when my wife brought home this Belgian brew, I was ecstatic. And when I tried it, I was not let down; it turned out to be just as unique as the country and its people.

Origin: Belgium

Alcohol: 6.6%. Wowza!

Looks: A cool dark glass bottle with a rather complicated, Germanic-looking label, with an outline of a city on it. The beer itself is a dark-ish yellow color.

Smell: Rather strong malt smell.

Taste: This is some good beer. It has a complex taste in that it’s a little thick and rather malty, but then it also has bitter and sweet notes. It’s quite unique when compared to other beers I’ve tasted; it slightly reminds me of root beer.

More Van Damme. Sorry, not sorry. Credit: Giphy.

I would not call it refreshing or easy to drink, since it feels a bit thick. It’s the kind of beer I would order with a heavy dinner, perhaps at a steakhouse.

But overall I would say it’s got a pleasant, unique taste. It’s also 6.6% alcohol, so hang on to your hats when enjoying this.

Hangover Factor: Nothing unusual. I’m a male in reasonably good health born in 1983.

Final Thoughts

I quite liked the Leffe Blond, but it’s more of an end-of-the-day drink. Because of its thickness and alcohol content, it might not be good for a pool party or barbecue, but it could hit the spot with a good steak.

One more time. Credit: Thrillist, Famous Face.

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